Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fart Busters Really Work!

Bark Stix ( makes a fantastic treat called Fart Busters which, you guessed it, are supposed to help lessen the occurence of dog farts! I decided to pick these up because our dogs have been known to clear a room once or twice, and I found that their gas issues are especially prevalent after treat-training sessions. To find a treat that would also counteract their nether odors seemed like a stroke of genius.

Our American Bulldogs typically transform into pushy piglets in the presence of treats, but when I opened the bag of Fart Busters, they reached a new level of treat-induced insanity that I have not witnessed before! I wondered if they could sense that these wholesome treats were made from pure, whole, vegetarian-fed, free-range chickens that are locally sourced from small farmers in northern California; or, if they knew that these farmers refrain from using any antibiotics when raising their chickens. It crossed my mind that they may have appreciated that the digestive enzymes are human-grade and would aid in lessening those smelly moments in life. Either way, they eagerly waited for me to pour the little enzyme packet into the treats and shake 'em up until they were nicely coated. The dogs, now drooling profusely, were more than willing to do a whole list of tricks for just one little bite-size nibble of the Fart Busters. After a successful training session, I decided to withold my final judgment until 24 hours later to see if these were simply yummy treats, or actual Fart Busters...I slept an entire night post-treats without being woken up by a aromatic slap to the face - success!

From the human perspective, I found the size of these treats to be perfect for training. Whether or not the dogs knew about all of the wholesome goodness that these treats had to offer, just the smell created an overwhelming enthusiasm that proved to be a huge asset in accomplishing their training for the day. I have noticed a marked improvement in their nightly "aromatherapy" sessions, which is terrific for my sweet, but frequently stinky, pups. In addition to a rave review from my canine team, wholesome ingredients, and terrific end results (pardon the pun), I was especially pleased to read that Bark Stix also strives to make a difference by donating 5% of profits to Greyhound rescue and adoption groups.

You can buy them online at or at other retailers like Hero's Pets (blog coming soon) in Littleton, Colorado where I purchased mine while on vacation.

Ingredients: whole ground chicken, honey, sea salt
Enzymes: lactose, dried aspergillus oryxzae, dried aspergillis niger, and dried bromelain

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